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1 801 Ebola virus disease: past, present and future
Rajak, H.; Jain, D.K.; Singh, A.; Sharma, A.K.; Dixit, A.
2015; Vol5, No.5 P337-343
2 512 Ebola viral disease: a review literature
Moghadam, S.R.J.; Omidi, N.; Bayrami, S.; Moghadam, S.J.; SeyedAlinaghi,S.
2015; Vol5, No.4 P260-267
3 426 Ebola outbreak in West Africa: a neglected tropical disease
Troncoso, A.
2015; Vol5, No.4 P255-259
4 284 Green synthesis, antimicrobial and cytotoxic effects of silver nanoparticles mediated by Eucalyptus camaldulensis leaf extract
Mohammed, A.E.
2015; Vol5, No.5 P382-386
5 237 Effect of lactic acid bacteria isolated from fermented mustard on immunopotentiating activity
Chang, C.K.; Wang, S.C.; Chiu, C.K.; Chen, S.Y.; Chen, Z.T.; Duh, P.D.
2015; Vol5, No.4 P281-286
6 229 Anticancer activity of Aloe vera and Calligonum comosum extracts separetely on hepatocellular carcinoma cells
Shalabi, M.; Khilo, Kh.; Zakaria, M.M.; Elsebaei, M.G.; Abdo, W.; Awadin, W.
2015; Vol5, No.5 P375-381
7 224 Antioxidant activities and total phenol content of Inula viscosa extracts selected from three regions of Morocco
Chahmi, N.; Anissi, J.; Jennan, S.; Farah, A.; Sendide, K.; Hassouni, M.E.
2015; Vol5, No.3 P228-233
8 218 Exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons with special focus on cancer
Rengarajan, T.; Rajendran, P.; Nandakumar, N.; Lokeshkumar, B.; Rajendran, P.; Nishigaki, I.
2015; Vol5, No.3 P182-189
9 186 Liver tonics: review of plants used in Iranian traditional medicine
Akbarzadeh, T.; Sabourian, R.; Saeedi, M.; Rezaeizadeh, H.; Khanavi, M.; Ardekani, M.R.S.
2015; Vol5, No.3 P170-181
10 172 Coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.) essential oil: Chemistry and biological activity
Mandal, S.; Mandal, M.
2015; Vol5, No.6 P421-428
11 167 The past, current and future trends in DNA vaccine immunisations
Hasson, S.S.A.A.; Al-Busaidi, J.K.Z.; Sallam, T.A.
2015; Vol5, No.5 P344-353
12 152 Evaluation of antidiabetic activity of plants used in Western Sudan
Alamin, M.A.; Yagi, A.I.; Yagi, S.M.
2015; Vol5, No.5 P395-402
13 145 Control of pain with topical plant medicines
Adams, J.D.; Wang, X.
2015; Vol5, No.4 P268-273
14 129 In-vitro antimicrobial effectiveness of herbal-based mouthrinses against oral microorganisms
Teh, J.Y.; Rawi, R.; Noor, S.S.M.; Taib, H.; Mohamad, S.
2015; Vol5, No.5 P370-374
15 127 Reno-protective effect of garlic extract against immobilization stress induced changes in rats
Zaidi, S.K.; Ansari, S.A.; Ashraf, G.Md.; Jafri, M.A.; Tabrez, S.; Banu, N.
2015; Vol5, No.5 P364-369
16 125 Chemical profiling of Curcuma aeruginosa Roxb. rhizome using different techniques of solvent extraction
Simoh, S.; Zainal, A.
2015; Vol5, No.5 P412-417
17 120 Ethnobotanical profiling and floristic diversity of Bana Valley, Kotli (Azad Jammu and Kashmir), Pakistan
Amjad, M.S.
2015; Vol5, No.4 P292-299
18 118 Evaluating patients'perception of service quality at hospitals in nine Chinese cities by use of the ServQual scale
Li, M.; Lowrie, D.B.; Huang, C.Y.; Lu, X.C.; Zhu, Y.C.; Wu, X.H.; Shayiti, M.; Tan, Q.Z.; Yang, H.L.; Chen, S.Y.; Zhao, P.; He, S.H.; Wang, X.R.; Lu, H.Z.
2015; Vol5, No.6 P497-504
19 116 Toxicity of Mexican native plant extracts against larvae of Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae)
Ruiz-Guerrero, R.; Rodriguez-Perez, M.A.; Norzagaray-Campos, M.
2015; Vol5, No.4 P287-291
20 116 Ethnobotanical inventory and folk uses of indigenous plants from Pir Nasoora National Park, Azad Jammu and Kashmir
Amjad, M.S.; Arshad, M.; Qureshi, R.
2015; Vol5, No.3 P234-241
21 114 Cytotoxicity study of ethanol extract of the stem bark of asam kandis (Garcinia cowa Roxb.) on T47D breast cancer cell line
Husni, E.; Nahari, F.; Wirasti, Y.; Wahyuni, F.S.; Dachriyanus
2015; Vol5, No.3 P249-252
22 111 Hyoscyamine-producing marine Actinomycetes from Lagos Lagoon sediment
Flora, D.O.; Adeyemi, A.I.; George, W.P.
2015; Vol5, No.3 P196-201
23 109 A review on metastatic breast cancer in Iran
Alizadeh Otaghvar, H.; Hosseini, M.; Tizmaghz, A.; Shabestanipour, G.; Noori, H.
2015; Vol5, No.6 P429-433
24 109 Hypoglycemic and antioxidant activities of Caesalpinia ferrea Martius leaf extract in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats
Hassan, S.K.; El-Sammad, N.M.; Mousa, A.M.; Mohammed, M.H.; Farrag, A.e.R.H.; Hashim, A.N.E.; Werner, V.; Lindequist, U.; Nawwar, M.A.E.M.
2015; Vol5, No.6 P462-471
25 97 Phytochemistry of the essential oil of Melissa officinalis L. growing wild in Morocco: Preventive approach against nosocomial infections
Jalal, Z.; El Atki, Y.; Lyoussi, B.; Abdellaoui, A.
2015; Vol5, No.6 P458-461