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Content Volume 2, Number 6, June, 2012 ,P421-504

Original article

Incidence and histopathology of encysted progenetic metacercaria of Clinostomum complanatum (Digenea: Clinostomidae) in Channa punctatus and its development in experimental host


In vitro antimicrobial activity of mangrove plant Sonneratia alba


Antidiarrhoeal activity of leaf methanolic extract of Rauwolfia serpentina


Immunomodulatory activity of butanol fraction of Gentiana olivieri Griseb. on Balb/C mice


In vivo anticancer activity of vanillin semicarbazone


Effect of morin, a flavonoid against DOCA-salt hypertensive rats: a dose dependent study


Reduction of hydrogen peroxide-induced erythrocyte damage by Carica papaya leaf extract


Evaluation of antihepatotoxic potential of Solanum xanthocarpum fruit extract against antitubercular drugs induced hepatopathy in experimental rodents


Antidiabetic activities of ethanolic extract and fraction of Anthocleista djalonensis


Microbiological assessment of indoor air of a teaching hospital in Nigeria


Antimicrobial potential of Actinomycetes species isolated from marine environment


Diversity and frequency of Nocardia spp. in the soil of Isfahan province, Iran


Association of smoking, alcohol and NSAIDs use with expression of cag A and cag T genes of Helicobacter pylori in salivary samples of asymptomatic subjects


Infections and inequalities: anemia in AIDS, the disadvantages of poverty


First survey of hard ticks (Acari: Ixodidae) on cattle, sheep and goats in Boeen Zahra and Takistan counties, Iran


Effect of artemether on hematological parameters of healthy and uninfected adult Wistar rats


Hemolymph proteins in marine crustaceans

Case report

A child with Erysipelothrix arthritis-beware of the little known

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